Feed To Feed:
A new way to browse
your favourite news sources

  • Automatically classifies news by subjects that interest you.
  • Lets you listen to news summaries.
  • Easy-to-use interface that sorts content chronologically.
  • Lets you browse faster and use fewer resources.

01. Presentation Once you try it out,
you'll never look back.

Welcome to the news reader app that we’ve created for you to be better informed. The app that will make users and the media happy. Letting you read more news in an easier and faster way..

Watch the video and discover our history

User testimonial:

"Feed To Feed is simple and fast. I open up Feed To Feed before leaving home. I do the first download with my WiFi. I put in my earphones and I'm ready to take the underground. While I'm on the underground, I listen to all the news. When I come across an interesting item, I turn on my mobile screen and the app has hovered over the news item so I can read it at my leisure. I read all the news that interests me without negative comments or haters. Everything is really simple. Then I look around the carriage again".

- Mike Harris -

02.Features Everything you need is here

Classifies news
by subject

Uses artificial intelligence techniques to classify news by the subjects that interest you.


Real-time podcast

The app reads the headlines and the first lines of news items. It also works offline

Organises content
in a timeline

A simple and efficient interface in the form of a timeline provides access to content organised according to when it first appeared.

Suggests following topics
that may interest you

Observes the news that interests you and suggests adding subjects to follow.

Faster browsing.
Manages space better

Sorts downloaded content efficiently, so you can browse faster. Lets you delete the downloaded data from each domain separately.

Increases the number of interesting
news items that you can consult ( RSS )

Use the media RSS for direct access to news and saves you time so you can read more.

03. Coming soon Search and Alerts

That's the first step. We know that we still lack many functionalities. We need your help to tell us which features you'd like to add.

Usual Features:

Search, ‘read later’ and ‘save as favourite’ options.

Awesome features:

Enhancements in the artificial intelligence system to recognise more semantic domains.

Notifications when there is news related to subjects that interest the user.

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